All change for Disney Dreams! of Christmas

Visitors to Disneyland Paris over the Christmas season are set to see a new version of Disney Dreams of Christmas. Information shared by  seems to suggest that most, if not all of the Christmas version of Disney Dreams will be changing.

It looks like Olaf, who presented last years Disney Dreams of Christmas, could be being replaced with Tinkerbell and her fairy friends, unless he still takes on the roll for the main show and leaves the fairies to introduce the new show. The latest version of Disney Dreams of Christmas could also see the addition of Fix-It Felix & Wreck-It Ralph, Beauty and the Beast and Hiro & Baymax from the Disney’s upcoming animated film, Big Hero 6. There has also been talk of the “karaoke” style sing-a-long song being removed.

The Frozen segment is set to be made a bit longer, and Toy Story segment is to be a lot shorter which will make space for the new segments.

I would take a guess that Frozen will still be taking a major role in this seasons version of Disney Dreams of Christmas, but only time will tell. There is not that long to wait though as the Christmas season at Disneyland Paris starts on 9th November.

Disney Dreams of Christmas 2013 – Thanks to dlrpfans


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