Confirmed: Star Tours will be upgraded for Disneyland Paris’ 25th birthday

Maybe birthday presents aren’t meant to be surprises anymore… Either way, the Star Tours attraction at the Disneyland Park will be getting an upgrade to celebrate the resort’s 25th birthday in 2017. 

Mark Stead, Chief Financial Officer for Disneyland Paris, confirmed during a radio interview with France Info that Star Tours would be receiving an update for 2017.

Star Tours is a motion simulator attraction based in the Star Wars universe where guests board a Star Speeder on a journey, at least currently, to the moon of Endor. It is one of Paris’ more popular attractions, classed in the category of ‘Big Thrills’.

Although Stead didn’t explicitly state as much, it is expected that the Discoveryland attraction will receive the same upgrade as its cousins around the world have seen – to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Without giving away any spoilers, this upgraded attraction includes multiple possible adventures with 3D visuals.

The upgrade has been rumoured for some time, although Disneyland Paris has waited until now to officially confirm it. Even so, Disneyland Paris has not specified a date. Summer 2017 would be expected, though this has not been confirmed. The upgrade at other parks took several months to complete, making it likely that Star Tours will have to close around February 2017 to be ready for the busy summer season.

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris originally opened at the resort’s launch in 1992, although the attraction itself first premiered in California’s Disneyland in 1987. The Californian version was the first to close to receive the update in 2010, meaning that Paris will have waited seven years for the update.


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