Disneyland Paris Confirms 25th Anniversary Refurbishment Schedule

A cast member briefing was held on 10 June 2015 at Disneyland Paris, where details were confirmed regarding the refurbishment plans in the run up to Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary in 2017. Ten major refurbishments to shows and attractions will take place between 2015 and 2017. In typical Disney style the official announcement contained a lot of marketing waffle and fancy adjectives, but in this article we’ll cut the spiel and go straight to the details given by Disneyland Paris.

If you wish to see larger breakdowns and the official document which Disneyland paris provided for Cast Members, I recommend the following articles from fans: PixieDust.be or DLP Today.


1. Space Mountain: Mission 2
Phase 1: January 2015 – 26 July 2015
Phase 2: 2017

  • Repainting exterior of show building
  • New LED lighting technology inside the show
  • Addition of single rider queue
  • Accessibility improvements for Light Speed Photography (ride photos)
  • Repainting of Nautilus submarine with return of swirling water effects to lagoon
  • (Phase 2) New ride trains for improved ergonomics and sound qualitySM M3 train

2. Videopolis Theatre / Cafe Hyperion
January 2015 11 July 2015

  • Hosting of Jedi Training Academy
  • Repainting of Hyperion airship
  • New non-slip flooring
  • Numerous accessibility improvements


3. It’s A Small World
July 2015 – December 2015

  • New, bolder colours for the facade
  • New dolls and cotumes
  • Re-mastered musical score


4. Animagique
First half of 2016

  •  “Re-imagining of the show”


5. Star Tours
Early 2016 – early 2017

  • Upgrade to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue


6. Big Thunder Mountain
End of 2015 – end of 2016

  • Explosive effects during third lift-hill
  • Fixing of river-side geysers


7. La Cabane des Robinson / Adventure Isle
Early 2016 – Autumn 2016

  • (La Cabane des Robinsion) Restoration of decorations and water flow systems
  • (Adventure Isle) Renovation of waterfalls


8. Peter Pan’s Flight
First half of 2016

  • New in-show colour palate
  • Revamped in-show lighting
  • Focus on refreshing London scene


9. Studio Tram Tours: Behind the Magic
First half of 2016 – Spring 2017

  • Three new scenes


10. Pirates of the Caribbean
First half of 2017

  • Addition of Jack Sparrow and “a few surprise characters”
  • New lighting
  • Remastered audio
  • New effects for hurricane and treasure room scenes



These are just the specified highlights are the refurbishment plan which are officially confirmed by Disneyland Paris. Our Rumour Mill articles will contain more details about the refurbishments – though these are of course unconfirmed! Stay tuned to @MagicalDLP for more rumours and announcements as we receive them!


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