Disneyland Paris Rumours: February 2016 (Star Tours ~ Puppet Show)

The first Rumour Mill of 2016, after January got… uh… skipped. A whole month, I know, how bad is that?! Anyway, I’m sorry about that, I was a bit over-run with university work – and I really appreciate people getting in touch and sharing their longing for this Rumour Mill series, it’s great to know that people read this and enjoy it! So, down to business: Star Tours, a new puppet show and some old rumours resurfacing about Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster!


Star Tours

We all know by now that our beloved original Star Tours will be finally trip to Endor on 16th March 2016 – or will it? Disneyland Paris had initially suggested that one could ride Star Tours on the 16th March and be the very last to do so, but ED92 now suggests that this date is being moved back to the 20th March, though the ‘Last Trip to Endor’ event has been confirmed to still be happening on 16th… Confusing right?

An unexpected addition to the same post from ED92 suggested that the X-Wing fighter which is currently mounted about the queue entrance could also find a new home. The suggestion was that it could be moved to the roof of Star Traders – and it would certainly look cool and prominent up there – the only worry from us fans would be that the queue entrance might become a little sparse. The attraction in Florida has giant AT-AT Walker at the entrance to the show building, so potentially we could see something like this arrive in Paris.


A Puppet Show!

Here’s something else you weren’t expecting – Disneyland Paris might be getting a puppet show, and in a restaurant of all places! @DisneylandBerry suggests a puppet show will arrive in the Lucky Nugget Saloon, Frontierland, in May this year. No word on what it might be, so let the rumours commence…


Disney Nature in Disney Dreams!

ED92 also informs us that during the month of April there will be a short pre-show to Disney Dreams! created by Disney Nature – the branch of Disney behind stories using real-life wild-life footage. The show will be projected and last around four minutes.


Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster avec Aerosmith

It was rumoured many years ago that Aerosmith might be replaced on the attraction, given their age as a band and that they’re, well, not very French. Rumours are still popping up today about the future of Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, some suggesting that it will eventually have a new band fronting it, perhaps multiple bands and styles of music, or even that it will get an entire make-over themed around Marvel. Remarkably, the last idea about Marvel is perhaps the most plausible one! There have been rumours for a long time that Disney California Adventure would be getting a clone of Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster themed around Marvel, so our Parisian version receiving the same update could be possible, given that Marvel would suit the theme of the Walt Disney Studios Park – even if it would have to be after the 25th Anniversary in 2017. Some argue that it’s a likely change because it could be marketed like a new attraction even though it would be far cheaper than building anything actually new, but I envisage that Disneyland Paris has some grander and larger schemes for the Walt Disney Studios Park (particularly that half of the park), so I would imagine that any changes would come as part of that.

At the time this article goes live, the attraction will have just gone into a refurbishment until June. Nonetheless, that is really just routine maintenance, and no real changes are expected.


Happy to have the Rumour Mill back this month? I certainly am. Anyway, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MagicalDLP for more on any developing news and rumours.


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