Disneyland Paris Rumours – July ’15 (Toy Story Mania)

July 2015 saw Discoveryland feeling very fresh as the Jedi Training Academy opened in Videopolis and Space Mountain: Mission 2 reopened after a lengthy six-month refurbishment. (It looks fantastic, might I add, check out this POV of Space Mountain’s updated effects from @DLPTreasures !) And with such things going on this left the rumour mill a little quiet. Nonetheless this does give us a bit of room to talk about what might happen after the EEP (Experience Enhancement Plan) is complete in 2017…


After 2017 – Toy Story Mania

Disneyland Paris’ EEP lasts until 2017 when the resort will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Despite us still knowing relatively little about what changes will be made during by the EEP, there are still some rumours about what’s next after it. The biggest of these rumours is that of a new attraction arriving in Toy Story Playland in the Walt Disney Studios Park – Toy Story Mania. Toy Story Mania is a wildly popular attraction at Disney California Adventure, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Tokyo Disney Sea, which sees guests compete in 3D “Midway-style” games in a format similar to Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast. This attraction is likely to be a hot option for Disneyland Paris because its popularity is proven around the world, and costs should be lower considering it would be the fourth iteration of the attraction to be built. Rumours place the attraction behind RC Racer in Toy Story Playland, where the track for Studio Tram Tour currently lies, this would mean moving the route of the Tram Tour to accommodate the new attraction. Of course, Studio Tram Tour is in refurbishment for three new scenes from spring 2016 to spring 2017; if a new attraction was going to be placed in its path, we would see then if the route was being altered.



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