Disneyland Paris Rumours: March 2016

March has been a quiet month for rumours, with no word coming out about any changes we might see in some of the refurbishments which are currently taking place, including Peter Pan’s Flight and Big Thunder Mountain. This means we have an opportunity to think beyond 2017, and to think about areas of the resort to keep our eyes on for future changes…


Walt Disney Studios Park

I promise I’m not just being lazy and vague by suggesting we should watch an entire park. Disneyland Paris has stated it as their intention to turn the Walt Disney Studios Park into what they call a ‘full-day park’; that means more attractions, and more things to keep people there for the whole day, including more proper evening dining experiences and the such. Right now WDSP tends to close a few hours earlier than the main Disneyland Park, which has more to see and of course an evening show to call for it to stay open later – vital considering the high operating costs of running a themepark. So what can we expect? Marvel and Pixar. Those are my main suggestions. WDSP is now more about experiencing the films in a themepark environment, rather than seeing how films are made and these two brands have A LOT to offer in that department. Pixar currently takes up most of the right-hand side of the park as you enter, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the other side get devoted to super-heroes and to have a slightly more teenager/adult feel, what with attractions like Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster perhaps needing a little re-theme soon… I think redevelopment might take precedence over expansion in this park, particularly because Studio Tram Tour will get a refurbishment in 2016/17, so it will STILL be blocking that future expansion space behind it for many years to come.

What do I really want to see in the park though? Cars Land. No doubt about it. It’s just far too expensive…


Toy Story Midway Mania

So what of Toy Story Midway Mania coming to WDSP? We’ve been rumouring that for years! It would supposedly be attached to Toy Story Playland, so if the Tram Tour route changes during its refurbishment, maybe it’ll come. But I have to suggest that every year which passes makes it less likely that we’ll see this attraction. Sure it’s currently popular enough in Florida to call for an extra track to be added to the attraction, but it’s a technology heavy attraction and technology gets out of date. We already have one Toy Story themed shooting ride in the resort anyway… Nonetheless, this has been a strong rumour over the past few years so if you really want to see this ride come to Paris – don’t give up hope yet.


Phantom Manor

Last year major rumours surfaced of a serious refurbishment of Phantom Manor, potentially including changes to the story-line of the attraction. That means big changes, and let’s be honest, the ride is showing its age a little bit – the rumours seemed fairly secure. But then Disneyland Paris announced its major refurbishment schedule for 2017 and ominously absent was Phantom Manor. Without a big refurbishment soon, the attraction will only show its age more. Plus, if big plans were once drawn up for the attraction, well, anyone who has seen the film Inception will tell you that seeds of ideas only grow…

I expect it to be years before this great attraction gets a lookin’ at. But when it does – it could be something pretty serious.


That empty area between Frontierland and Adventureland

Splash Mountain? Indiana Jones Adventure? These are the two major suggestions for what should fill that big grassy expanse near Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. The Indiana Jones Adventure was originally meant to go there, but finances got in the way of that, leaving a suitably large space for another major attraction. By 2017 it will have been a very long time since the Disneyland Park got a proper new attraction (not counting the upgrade of Star Tours), so an addition to the line-up in Adventureland wouldn’t go amiss. But, of course, there’s only so much money around, and we have to think that the money will probably go towards Walt Disney Studios Park first!


What or where do you think needs expansion? Let us know in comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter @MagicalDLP !!


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