Disneyland Paris Rumours: November 2015 (New Musical Show ~ Animagique)

After many months of this rumour article discussing the new show in Chaparral, we come one step closer to finding out what it might be this month… But there’s still plenty to speculate about! Dates for a Rock n Rollercoaster avec Aerosmith refurbishment have also been suggested this month. Strangely, as the refurbishment of It’s A Small World draws to a close in December 2015 and we are already getting glimpses of the new colour scheme, we still have had no speculation about what might actually be happening inside.

New Show for Chaparral Theatre

We’ve known for months that a new show was coming to the Chaparral Theatre in Disneyland Park after a certain Show Director just happened to let slip that he was working on something new and exciting – and we all got very excited. Rumours have circulated about what the show might entail and whether it would take inspiration from other Disney shows around the world, perhaps including a storybook theme. We also knew that the show would include a range of Disney characters spanning a number of franchises because of the some of the roles mentioned on audition advertisements. This month @DisneylandBerry presented us with a name for the new show: “The Forest of Enchantment: A Disney Musical Adventure”, adding that it would run between February and May 2016. From this learn three things: it’s set in a forest, it involves magic and it’s musical. Not really news to us, and definitely not breaking the Disney-mould in any way! Nonetheless we can guess that the set of the Frozen Sing-a-long, which runs until the end of the Christmas season, will remain in place (perhaps with the snow removed?) for the forest scenery of this new show. It could also suggest that maybe Frozen will be returning next Summer if the set is still largely in act – which would also fit neatly with a finishing date in May for this show. Could we be having another Frozen party next summer…?



And as usual there has been lots of discussion about what will replace Animagique in Studio 2 as well this month. Rumours are suggesting that maybe Hong Kong’s new show Mickey’s Wondrous Book will make a debut there in Paris, but I have to say there is no foundation this beyond the fact its show which could be staged in an indoor theatre like Studio 2. I have to say I’m a little exacerbated by this rumour because the idea of Paris just getting a clone of another resort’s show would be a disappointment and it would be far better to have something unique to spice up the Walt Disney Studios Park again. As I said though, there’s little foundation to any rumour of what the show might be – so don’t get caught up in any of the rumours suggesting that the show might be a copy! Either way, the EEP says the reimagining of the show will be in early 2016 so we’ll probably be learning more details fairly soon. Also, I think the term reimagining suggests the show will be altered version of the current Animagique rather than an entirely new show… But we’ll just have to wait and see.


Rock n Rollercoaster

Rock n Rollercoaster has never appeared on the EEP (Disneyland Paris’ refurbishment plan in the run-up to its 25th Anniversary in 2017) but rumour s suggest it will still be getting an important refurbishment which could last a number of months. ED92 has suggested that the attraction will close on February 29th 2016, and earlier reports have suggested that a single rider queue could be added to the attraction. There aren’t really any other rumours doing the rounds and because the attraction isn’t on the EEP, we should expect this refurb to just be some TLC rather than adding anything new.


Next month we might well see speculation about It’s A Small World, but by the time this article comes out the attraction will have been opened and all revealed anyway. This month did see the beginning of Big Thunder Mountain’s refurbishment – there’s plenty of images of the refurbishment under way – have you seen any unusual activity to speculate about yet?


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