Disneyland Paris Rumours – October ’15 (Star Tours ~ Big Thunder Mountain)

When writing a monthly series of rumour articles, its really easy to get caught up in just the present month’s rumour and forget that many rumours float around and develop over many months. I should probably follow up more rumours each, but I haven’t done much of that. This month has been pretty quite on the rumour-front though, so I thought we’d take a reminder of some the those rumours which are still doing the rounds. Disneyland Paris told us a lot of their plans in the run up to 2017 with their EEP, but they didn’t tell us all the details. This month we’ll take a look at what the rumours suggest will be happening beyond what Disneyland Paris has explicitly stated.


Star Tours

So we know that our beloved, last standing original version of the classic attraction Star Tours will run its final flights to Endor in March 2016. In a year long refurbishment from then, Disneyland Paris have confirmed that the sequel ‘Star Tours: The Adventures Continue’ will finally be coming to Paris, opening six years after the attraction first premièred in the States. But rumours suggest there’s a little more to it than that. With the new trilogy opening in cinemas this year, there will be a lot of new material to potentially use in Star Tours, and rumours suggest that the version in Paris will have extra scenes added which link to the new films. A major feature of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is that there are multiple different paths the story can take during the attraction, so adding in new content really shouldn’t be a problem. However, if my Star Wars knowledge serves me correctly (but please do get in contact if I’m wrong), the new trilogy actually takes place after Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is set. (It is technically a prequel to Star Tours, I suppose.) This makes it less likely that we’ll see new trilogy related content, but there’s still plenty of hope for new scenes anyway, even if they’re not to do with the new trilogy.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Probably the most popular attraction at the resort in terms of guest numbers, this great staple of Disneyland Paris goes into a year and a half long refurbishment in only a matter of days. We know the mountain will get some TLC and the geysers will be fixed, as well as the lake perhaps being drained. Most importantly we also know that the third chain lift hill will also receive some new explosive and projection mapped effects, similar to those in California and Florida. This isn’t good enough for the rumour mill though. No no no. Rumours suggest that to increase capacity, all trains will have another carriage fitted. This would mean that the whole station building would need to be extended to accommodate larger trains and the track layout would also need amending. The same rumour also suggests that the rounded bridge before the third chain lift hill will be extended to give a better build up for the new explosive scene. I have to say, I’d be amazed if either of these latter changes happened because the costs involved are so high, but either way we can only wait and see. Won’t be too long until we get our answers…


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Until next time rumour friends!


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