Disneyland Paris Trip Report: March 2014 – Part 2

Trip Report

01/03/2014 – 04/03/2014

Day three:

Where was I, oh yes I had just gone to bed after a full day in the parks.

We had to get the students up and ready for breakfast by 7am so a 6am wake up call it had to be (5am UK time)! The same as every year I am the last one up. My work colleague rang me to check I was awake then had the fun task of knocking on 10 Cheyenne hotel room doors. As soon I was out of my room and checked all the students were ready, we set off to the Chuck Wagon.

It’s not the best breakfast in the world selection wise, but for someone fussy and greedy like me it’s fine. I grab a tray and pile on as much bread, croissants, pain au chocolat and Nutella as I can manage. There is enough to have something different over a few days and more than enough to please our students.

Our second day in Disneyland Paris (day 3 of the trip) was split into two parts. The morning conference and then the afternoon free in the parks. The ICT Live! Conference by Euro Study Tours is “designed to give students the opportunity to come face to face with speakers from high profile companies, who through case studies,  present the most current ICT issues within their industry.” This years speakers included Ian Livingstone, Kate Russell and Ed Bussey. The students loved the conference and as always, I was motivated to start an ICT company and take over the world, though I never seem to have the time to start.

Of course the most important part of the day to everyone was getting back into the parks. As I was being nice I spent that time with my colleague who doesn’t do the “big rides” and it was great to experience the attractions I don’t normally do. Attractions such as Peter Pan’s flight, Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains and Disneyland Railroad just to name a few. This more relaxed day in Disneyland Park also gave me the chance to plan ahead for my family trip at the end of May. I have my wife and a 20 month old baby to entertain. A completely different audience than the one for this trip. The weather wasn’t the best for our second day in the park. It rained on and off for most of the day. We only really noticed the rain when walking between attractions and shops. Everything else was well covered and planned for a European winter/spring. By the end of the day I was starting starting to feel ill, I didn’t want to believe it but it was happening. I had a bad head and what felt like the flu. I still managed to get on plenty more attractions but had to go back to the hotel for a rest. We had planned to go back to the Disney Village for an evening meal but as I wasn’t up for much so we ate in the Chuck Wagon Café, again another first. I was very impressed with the selection available and loved the desert but couldn’t take full advantage of the all you can eat buffet because of the (man) flu!!

Once all of the students were back we went to bed. Up again and 6am and leaving at 8am.

Day four:

As we were leaving early on the Tuesday morning we had no time to take in any of the Disney magic. The trip felt like if was over and we only had 15 hours travelling to go! After another quick breakfast and check out we were on our way. The end of another weekend conference at Disneyland Paris.

Now to plan for my next visit in May! I can’t wait!!


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