Free Wifi in the Disneyland Paris Parks Moves a Step Closer!

For the last few years we have been following the subject of free WiFi at Disneyland Paris with a close eye. Currently as I type this article, free WiFi is only available in selected places in Disney Village and the on site hotels. Parks in Walt Disney World, Florida currently have free WiFi and this network is used by the official park app and linked to the $billion Magicband+ system. There have been calls by Disneyland Paris fans on Twitter for free WiFi in both of the DLP parks.

There are many benefits to allowing guests access to a free park wide WiFi network. The main benefit to me is the instant free marketing that Disneyland Paris will enjoy as soon as the “foreign” park visitors use social media more than ever as a result of no roaming charges. The amount of check-ins, likes and shares live from the parks will amount to the thousands, this could open up the parks to a much bigger audience.

As well as gaining extra social marketing via its users, the free WiFi will also allow DLP to enhance their guest database. Like most free WiFi networks,I would expect guests will have to register to use the service. This will include the need to enter an email address, an email address worth lots to DLP. As do many businesses, DLP will be able to direct more offers and deals to the email addresses in its database and hope that this would bring in more sales and return visits.

To guests the benefits are simple. Free access to their “normal” smart phone habits, checking and updating social media and being able to check emails whilst in the parks. The best use for the free WiFi for me will be being able to use the newly updated Disneyland Paris app for live wait times and being able to keep the Magical DLP fans updated LIVE from the parks.

The biggest negative for having park wide free WiFi has to be the thousands of guests only ever looking up from their screens to check if the queue has moved or to see if their kids have run off. As much as I love updating fans via social media,  I find myself enjoying the parks via my eyes and not my screen. I often return home after a trip wishing I had taken more photos and video and this is how it should be.

It has been discussed in the past that Magicband + will be rolled out at Disneyland Paris and for that to work a park wide WiFi network needs to be in operation. Is this the start of preparations for this system to be implemented?

It looks like free WiFi will be available throughout the whole of the Disneyland Paris resort from summer 2016, with testing beginning in May 2016. Obviously this is yet to be confirmed and dates could change but it is definitely a step in the right direction.




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