Hotel New York’s ice rink replaced by children’s ‘Taxi Quads’

The ice rink in front of Hotel New York is confirmed to be replaced by a quad-biking space for children. A trial of the new ‘Taxi Quad’ activity outside Disney’s Hotel New York takes place today.

As shown in the promotional image below, children between the ages of 3 and 11 can join in with this activity in front of Hotel New York from 5pm. The cost for this activity will be €5 for a 5 minute stint on New York taxi themed quad bikes.

It is yet to be confirmed how long this activity will be available.

The news has met with mixed reviews on Twitter this morning. Many fans have noted that this new activity has a lower quality feel than the ice rink which was there previously. With this in mind, the news comes as something of a surprise considering that next year the hotel is rumoured to be closing for a whole year to undergo a refurbishment to 4+ keys quality (keys are Disney’s equivalent of *s).

Taxi Quads


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