Interview: Cast Member, Giona Prevete

Knowing what your customers think about you business is important for keeping them coming back for more. This is no different at Disneyland Paris, in fact it could be even more important. Our next interview is with Cast member Giona Prevete who works in Consumer Insight at Disneyland Paris.

What is your job/role at Disneyland Paris (DLP)?

I’m an interviewer at Consumer Insight and a VIP Guide at VIP Relations.

How long have you worked at DLP?

It has been longer than I actually realize, almost 5 years already!

How did you get your job at DLP?

I actually decided to have a go at it after I finished high school and I went to university, which didn’t really turn out to be my ‘thing’. I came to Paris to see our Casting department and before I knew it, there I was!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

People sometimes think our role is unnecessary, non-Disney or a waste of time. But seeing a product being integrated in our Resort or things changing after having done a study about it, always give me an amazing feeling, because it does show the importance of our work. It’s mostly working in the shadow and you probably won’t notice our presence while things are changing, but we contribute to it, and that’s the most important. I always say: “We’re there to improve everyone’s visit, not to play around!”.

How do you collect all the data related to guest satisfaction? And what do you do with all of this data?

Mainly through face-to-face interviews with portable tablets and through online surveys. After processing and analysing it, it gets of course shared with the concerned divisions.

What is the best tip you could give us when visiting DLP?

RELAX! Relax, relax, relax. Take your time. Turn off your cell phone and look around. Do not hurry from one attraction to another, between shows, from restaurant to restaurant. Take your time to look around and notice the details, so you actually realize where you’re going and what you’re doing. It’ll enhance your experience in the Parks, believe me. And be kind to Cast Members as they are to you, they might go that extra mile for you!

What has been your favourite moment as a Cast Member?

Most definitely the Flash Mob we organized for our 20th Anniversary. I still recall getting up in the wee hours of that day, rehearsing all morning long and the eventual result at Park opening time. Guests present at that time were visibly touched by it, but I can tell you that it was even more emotional to us Cast Members. My two favorite personal achievements that are most important to me are being honoured with The Walt Disney Legacy Award and getting to the semi-finals of our Ambassador Selections 2015 – 2016.

What is your favourite attraction at DLP and why?

I’ve always had a weak spot for Phantom Manor as I’ve always been a fan of haunted mansions. The concept of a haunted mansion in combination with the impeccable story-telling Disney does makes it one of my favorites ever. Though I must say I’m very proud of our brand-new Ratatouille, l’aventure totalement toquée de Rémy as well!

What is your favourite shop at DLP and why?

La chaumière des sept nains. Often forgotten by our Guests, this cute little shop matches location, merchandise and theming perfectly. It’s the dwarfs’ cottage for crying out loud, who wouldn’t want to visit it!

What is your favourite hotel at DLP and why?

I’m a big fan of the Victorian era, therefore the Disneyland Hotel has always been my favorite spot to stay. The design, perfume and music all work together to create that beautiful image of a Victorian hotel. Though I have to admit that with the amazing recent refurbishments at our other hotels, it gets harder and harder to choose!

Do you have any secrets/rare info you are able to share about DLP?

Fans of Disneyland Paris will probably already know this, but next time you’re there have a real good look at Main Street, U.S.A. There is something to see everywhere you look, from special names on windows and references to Walt, to amazing stained glass windows and subtle sound effects. Everything has a reason and a story. If you want more information about it, a Guided Tour from City Hall is always a great option, I always recommend those to fans and people interested in the details.

What is your favourite time of year at DLP and why?

Christmas, whether in- or outside Disneyland Paris. You can imagine how happy I am with the fact the Christmas season starts 1,5 month before the actual holidays! That first day of the Christmas season when I walk up to my office on Main Street and I hear that music for the first time again does make me feel really joyful.

In your opinion, what is the biggest event to have happened while you have worked at DLP?

That would be the Press Event we held for the 20th Anniversary. It was a very special day – and season – which we really had to give an amazing start. And I think we totally managed to do just that.

You are sometimes asked to be a VIP guide, what does a VIP get from a guide?

A VIP Guide facilitates your stay with a personalized tour. He or she can help you make reservations for restaurants and shows, and will guide you throughout your visit with information and suggestions, so you won’t be needing your map and program anymore! Not to be confused with a Guided Tour, which will give you the stories behind our Parks.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!


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