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Dedicated to DLP

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Steve Riley

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Dedicated to DLP

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September 27th 2010

Especially for our website launch we interviewed Disneyland Paris fans’ favourite Steve Riley from Dedicated to DLP.

How long have you been interested in Disneyland Paris?

Since July 2002, when I first visited.

What started your interest in Disneyland Paris?

I booked the trip as a birthday present for my wife, but within 30 minutes I was overcome with the detail and feeling of being in a different world. The visuals, the sounds, the smells and the complete separation from everyday life – it’s escapism at its very best.

What made you decide to create a website dedicated to Disneyland Paris?

I’ve always been a blogger, back to the days of LiveJournal, and it struck me that it might be nice to start writing about something I truly loved and was interested in sharing my thoughts about – Disneyland Paris.

Was there ever a moment when you didn’t believe that your website would succeed?

I never created Dedicated to DLP with any level of success in mind. It started as a small blog where I just wanted to share my thoughts about something I am passionate about. It’s great when I see that posts are getting many thousands of views, but getting an email from someone to say that something I have written has been of help to them on their visit to Disneyland Paris, that’s equally as pleasing, maybe more.

How big of a role do you think social media plays in the success of your website?

Pretty big – I can see from the stats that a decent number of people visit the website from posts on Twitter and Facebook, and to a lesser extent Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest. The Disneyland Paris community is very active on all social media platforms so to not be present is a missed opportunity.

What has been your favourite moment since starting your website?

Attending press events in Disneyland Paris is an honour, and very humbling. I once got an email from someone who had read a post about Sofia the First being introduced to the pre-show of Disney Junior Live on Stage and they took their daughter to see her and it made their holiday. She said they wouldn’t have known about that had it not been for reading my article. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Roughly how many hours a week do you spend researching, writing articles, creating videos and recording podcasts?

It varies depending on how bust I am at work and therefore how tired I am when I get home! It has been known for me to spend 2-3 hours a day during particularly active periods. I have many ideas that I want to make happen -I just need a few more hours in the day!

What is it like being part of a special group of Disneyland Paris fansites?

I’m not sure I differentiate between people with or without websites to be honest. While I have made some great friends with people who do have websites, there are just as many, probably more, who I have befriended with who are just on Twitter, or have amazing collections of photos on Flickr, or videos on YouTube. It’s the Disneyland Paris online community as a whole that I enjoy being a part of.

How many times have you managed to visit Disneyland Paris?

15 and counting…

What is your favourite attraction at Disneyland Paris and why?

Pirates of the Caribbean – from the queuing area, the music, the magnificence of the actual ride and even the smell – it’s perfect. Just the thought of being in that boat and climbing the waterfall about to enter a world of pirates and plunder brings a smile to my face. It’s also a nice warm place to go when it’s cold and wet outside!

What is the best tip you could give us when visiting Disneyland Paris?

Take your time to walk around slowly, or sit down on a bench and take in the surroundings. There is so much amazing detail and ingenuity that you won’t see from just hopping from one attraction to the other. Main Street, U.S.A. is a work of genius and inspiration – take in all it has to offer and look very closely and listen too.

What is your favourite time of year at Disneyland Paris and why?

Before the 2013 Christmas season I’d have said summer – as late opening in warm weather is hard to beat, but the combination of Disney Dreams! Of Christmas, the Christmas Cavalcade, Magical Christmas Wishes with all the decorations and music – that was mind blowing.

Do you have any special memorabilia related to Disneyland Paris?

The 20 Years of Dreams book would be my favourite. It’s the book I’d wanting them to make for years, and so much more. Full of great photos and revealing details – it’s a must have for any fan of Disneyland Paris and Disney Parks in general.

Do you have any secrets/rare info that you are able to share with us about Disneyland Paris?

Yes, but they won’t remain secrets if I tell you ;)

Would you ever like to work as a cast member at Disneyland Paris? If so in what position?

Yes, absolutely. As an ecommerce professional I’d love to work as part of the web team, either optimising the content of the website or the social media side. I’d love to write the official Disneyland Paris blog, something I believe is much needed, and I I’d also love to record videos from the resort, showcasing all the wonderful things on offer. Disneyland Paris has a great online presence, but I believe it could be even better.

If you could improve/change/add one thing (money no object) at Disneyland Paris what would it be and why?

Bring back shows. Yes I’d like to see big changes to Walt Disney Studios and the addition of Star Wars Land, but shows would add so much and is entirely within their capabilities. Let’s hope the rumours of a Tarzan return are true.

Any others comments (feel free to add any more questions, answers and/or notes) We might have missed something important.

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  • jackie blyth
    January 23, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Love to read about your visits and info so that I’m well prepared when we go again in May this will be the 4th visit still can’t make up my mind which season I like best so will have to continue visiting can’t wait for the 25th anniversary when we will be definitely be returning by the way I’m a granny and love Paris Disney keep up your good work thank you

  • Andrew Williamson
    January 23, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    Thanks for your feedback. I think it is best that you keep visiting so that you can be 100% sure which season is your favourite!

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