Long Awaited Refurbishment and Possible Additions to ‘It’s a Small World’

Sightings brought to us by InsideDLP, it’s official, Disneyland Paris have begun work on refurbishing Fantasyland’s centre-piece Attraction ‘It’s A Small World’.

Speculation surrounding the breadth of the refurbishment is still somewhat unknown, however it is rumoured that the attraction will be receiving more than just a new layer of paint. ‘It’s A Small World’ in Disneyland Paris has been pretty much left untouched since opening day in 1992, with minor maintenance and aesthetic improvements over the years, but since The Walt Disney Company now own a controlling stake in the Resort, it would only make sense that they would bring the same enhancements that Disneyland in California received so many years ago.

These enhancements may seem benign but would certainly add a fresh new aspect to this classic and beloved attraction. The addition of Disney Characters may sound like an intrusion and an unnecessary influx of Disney content into a ride that is already an icon, but this could lead to more guests making more note of the lands and countries represented throughout the ride with additional Disney references.

Obviously the Disney characters are encapsulated in the legendary Mary Blair design, with characters such as Ariel and Pinocchio, Woody and Jessie, Peter Pan and Wendy, Alice and Lilo, all being assigned in classic Doll form to their respective countries.

Secondly, the attraction may receive the ‘It’s A Small World: Holiday’ overlay that can be seen in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Giving the outside of the show building some long overdue Christmas love, as opposed to the swapping out of the flags in the Water Fountain Signage.

At the very least we hope that as many guest have pointed out over the two decades, the show building’s ceiling is highly visible and extremely distracting when embarking on the ‘Happiest Cruise’, and that Disney finally create a fix to this, allowing the guests to be even more immersed into this attraction’s message of peace.


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