Official artwork for Crush’s Coaster’s new queue entrance

Disneyland Paris has shown off some new artwork of the revamped entrance for Crush’s Coaster – with an added single rider entrance.

Since the opening of Crush’s Coaster in 2007 it has been one of the most popular attractions in Disneyland Paris, with queue times upwards of an hour common during peak times. In response to the long queue times, Disneyland Paris has tested a Fastpass system for the attraction several times, though these tests have been unsuccessful due to the very low capacity of the ride. (With each turtle seating only four guests, giving some turtles over to Fastpass users made the normal queue unbearably slow!)
And so Disneyland Paris has settled with another solution to maximise the efficiency of the attraction and hopefully slim queue times: adding a single rider queue.

The extended queue will include both an extended normal queue, so that makeshift extensions to the queue won’t be needed on busy days, as well as the single rider queue. Fans of the attraction will also be hoping for some improved theming for the queue, which is currently a little limited until inside the show building. The new entrance certainly looks to the Imagineers’ high standards.

Flying Carpets Over Agrabah closed in April this year for thorough refurbishments, and will remain closed until 11th July. It is rumoured that this opportunity may well be taken to work on extending the queue for Crush’s Coaster into the ‘backstage’ area behind that attraction. Crush’s Coaster, however, has no scheduled closure between now and at least August this year, so the queue enhancements will have to wait until at least after summer.



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