Disneyland Paris: Rumour Mill – November 2014

It’s always best to get the bad news out of the way first – and the bad news this month is that there really isn’t much action at all regarding Disneyland Paris rumours. Sure things have happened, the upgrade for Star Tours to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue has been confirmed for 2017 and a…

Episode 3: Phantom Manor

Episode 3 is all about Phantom Manor! We discuss the past, present and future of the attraction, which sends you to the underworld of the mining town Thunder Mesa.

Episode 2: Space Mountain

Episode 2 is all about Space Mountain! We discuss the past, present and future of the attraction which shoots you to the moon and beyond. We also read out a selection of listener opinions and feedback. Take a listen to see if you get a mention.

A quick guide for rollercoaster newbies

By Disneyland standards, Paris has a lot of very high thrill rollercoasters – namely Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Rock’n’Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith and Space Mountain: Mission 2. These rollercoasters and even their tamer cousins (Big Thunder Mountain and Crush’s Coaster) can be very daunting for a first-timer, so here’s a few tips to…