Interview: Cast Member, James Salvage

Disney Dreams! is one of the major attractions at Disneyland Paris. For our latest Cast Member interview we spoke to James Salvage who reveals a little bit about life behind the scenes of this night-time spectacular.

Disneyland Paris Rumours – July ’15 (Toy Story Mania)

July 2015 saw Discoveryland feeling very fresh as the Jedi Training Academy opened in Videopolis and Space Mountain: Mission 2 reopened after a lengthy six-month refurbishment. (It looks fantastic, might I add, check out this POV of Space Mountain’s updated effects from @DLPTreasures !) And with such things going on this left the rumour mill a little quiet. Nonetheless this does give us a bit of room to talk about what might happen after the EEP (Experience Enhancement Plan) is complete in 2017…