Captain EO closes at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris officially announced on April 9, 2015, via the displayed poster, that Captain EO would give its final showing on April 12, 2015. The attraction formally closed at the earlier time of 4:40pm instead of usual park closing time.

Episode 6: It’s A Small World

Episode 6 is all about It’s A Small World! We talk you through this classic Disney attraction and discuss your opinions.

Disneyland Paris’ Rumour Mill – March ’15

This month’s rumours are a mixed bag of the sad loss of a niche-favourite attraction, together with more exciting news about updates to some attractions at the Walt Disney Studios Park and the long awaited upgrade of Star Tours in Discoveryland.

Why Disneyland Paris needs shows to keep itself on the stage

When I used to visit Disneyland Paris as a child there was a myriad of shows on offer to me. I speak not just of parades or character trains, but of proper, full scale theatre shows. The Disneyland Park was built with three colossal theatre stages: the Videopolis Theatre in Discoveryland, the Fantasy Festival Stage in Fantasyland and Le Théâtre du Château just outside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Just two years after the park opened the Chaparral Theatre in Frontierland was added.