Disneyland Paris: Rumour Mill – Dec ’14 (Space Mountain~Nautilus~Jedi Academy)

2014 may be drawing to a close, but the rumour mill has kept on going and boy do we have some great new speculation to sink our teeth into. We have effective confirmation of Space Mountain’s update, which is nothing particularly new, but now we’ve also had Nautilus and the Jedi Training Academy thrown into the mix for closure and re-opening all at the same time! Clearly we’ve got some big goings-on in Discoveryland, so keep on reading and we’ll delve 20,000 leagues into the rumours…

Simon’s Top 5 Magical DLP stories of 2014

2014 marked Magical DLP’s first full year in operation after Andrew (my boss!) opened the show in November 2013. Half way through 2014 I came onto the scene to help deliver news and opinion – little did I know that I’d also be finding myself co-hosting a Podcast! At Disneyland Paris 2014 has been another year packed full of excitement, with the cherry on the top of course being the opening of the major new attraction, Ratatouille: The Adventure, alongside the usual rumour and speculation of what else might be coming soon. So as the year draws to a close, I’m rounding up my favourite Magical DLP stories to help us look back and appreciate what a magical year we’ve had.

Episode 4: Pirates of the Caribbean

Episode 4 is all about Pirates of the Caribbean! We discuss the past, present and future of the attraction. We also read out a selection of listener opinions and feedback.