Disneyland Paris Rumours: December 2015 (New Enchanted Forest Show ~ Free WiFi in parks)

In the last month of 2015 we’ve had rumours a-plenty about shows, rides and even WiFi in Disneyland Paris. The Experience Enhancement Plan might be well under way by now, but that clearly doesn’t mean that the rumour mill has stopped! This month we discuss the replacement for Animagique, the new Forest of Enchantment  musical show, WiFi, a Lucky Nugget Saloon show, a new parade and potential changes to the exterior of Star Tours.

“Reinvent the Magic” – is the project enough for Disneyland Paris?

Only recently we saw Disneyland Paris advertise its Experience Enhancement Plan  /  Reinvent the Magic  via this great animation, and now, just as I write this, It’s a Small World  at Disneyland Paris has just reopened after its five month refurbishment.  The Experience Enhancement Plan (EEP) is a programme to majorly refurbish a number of attractions between summer 2015 and summer 2017 – the year of the resort’s 25th Anniversary – which you can read more about it our article discussing the most important changes which it will bring.

Disneyland Paris Rumours: November 2015 (New Musical Show ~ Animagique)

After many months of this rumour article discussing the new show in Chaparral, we come one step closer to finding out what it might be this month… But there’s still plenty to speculate about! Dates for a Rock n Rollercoaster avec Aerosmith refurbishment have also been suggested this month. Strangely, as the refurbishment of It’s A Small World draws to a close in December 2015 and we are already getting glimpses of the new colour scheme, we still have had no speculation about what might actually be happening inside.