Ratatouille Attraction Revealed at Press Weekend

This weekend was one of the biggest periods in the history of Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris. After years of waiting Ratatouille: The Attraction (based on Ratatouille the Disney-Pixar animation from 2007) has been revealed to the world.

Cast Members, the worlds Press, Disneyland Paris fansite/social media owners and some lucky members of the public have had the change to experience the attraction for themselves. The press where given access to the attraction on Saturday and the fansites/social media owners were given a presentation, change to ride the attraction and a taste of the food at Bistrot Chez Remy on the Sunday.  An announcement was made late on Sunday afternoon that a soft opening for the public would take place which would have been a pleasant surprise for those guests not expecting to see the attraction until the official opening. I would expect there to be more soft openings right up until the opening date. These will be used to test out any improvements they make from feedback gathered from Cast Members, the press event and public guests.

Images and videos have started to emerge of the attraction. If you do not want to see any spoilers then look away now!

Sadly I was not invited to the press event (I am still a DLP fansite newbie) but you will be able to find lots of reviews, images and videos on my DLP friends’ website’s: DLPTownSquare DedicatedtoDLP DLRPRoundup and DLRPToday


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