Ratatouille shop confirmed to open 28 November

An opening date for Chez Marianne Souvenirs de Paris – a gift shop in la Place de Rémy – has been confirmed as 28 November.

The shop was always planned to open later than the Ratatouille attraction and restaurant, however few excepted it to take so long for the shop to open being that the rest of la Place de Rémy opened in July.

Chez Marianne’s is expected to sell the usual Disneyland Paris merchandise along with specific Ratatouille themed merchandise, but the theming has been much hyped. The shop will consist of two distinct Parisian themes; one a traditional French boutique and the other an old fashioned sweet shop. Both will be themed with reference to Paris at the turn of the nineteenth century.

As always the shop itself has been given a theme by the Imagineers. The back-story to this shop tells that a lady called Marianne bought two Parisian shops and merged them to make her own unique boutique souvenir shop.

When the rest of la Place da Rémy opened, the quality of the theming was very widely praised. Fans of Disneyland will be hoping that this new shop – which we’ve been waiting a while for – lives up to that same standard.


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