Simon’s Top 5 Magical DLP stories of 2014

2014 marked Magical DLP’s first full year in operation after Andrew (my boss!) opened the show in November 2013. Half way through 2014 I came onto the scene to help deliver news and opinion – little did I know that I’d also be finding myself co-hosting a Podcast! At Disneyland Paris 2014 has been another year packed full of excitement, with the cherry on the top of course being the opening of the major new attraction, Ratatouille: The Adventure, alongside the usual rumour and speculation of what else might be coming soon. So as the year draws to a close, I’m rounding up my favourite Magical DLP stories to help us look back and appreciate what a magical year we’ve had.

Right, let’s kick off on the top five!


1. Andrew’s exclusive interview with Mathias Dugoujon from Disneyland Paris’ Corporate Communications department

Taking top spot as my favourite story of the year, this exclusive interview really took me by surprise because I had no idea that Andrew had been lining it up for a year, and the insight which Mathias gave us into the thought behind the scenes at Disneyland’s communications department makes for some very interesting reading, while also shining a light on even better fan relations for the future!


2. The Space Mountain Podcast

When I joined the Magical DLP team, I wasn’t really anticipating that I’d end up on a Podcast… But hey, that’s life right? Our first proper episode kicked off with my favourite attraction and somehow lasted for an hour and a half. I say that as if it was a mistake, but all of our Podcasts since have barely been any shorter…!


3. Ratatouille opens to the public!

The Walt Disney Studios Park has always been a bit of a rough contender by Disney’s high standards, particularly in terms of the quality of the theming. This year though, the park was treated to a new attraction and mini-land which would mark a serious change in that regard. Plus – it’s unique to Paris! Oh, and did you see those queues?!


4. The solution to Crush’s Coaster’s crazy queue times

If there was a competition for most unexpected announcement of the year – this one would be a shoe in. A smartphone game to play in the queue?! Who saw that coming? It’s certainly a novel idea for a Disney themepark, but mind you, people stood tapping away at their phones seems a very un-Disney idea. I don’t know, maybe its the most fun app in the world. I just wasn’t expecting it…


5. Our one and only book review – Once Upon an American Dream

This is a tidy review of a good looking book. But to me it really begs the question of why we haven’t done more book reviews… Maybe it’s something I myself will get round to in 2015!


So those are my highlights of the year, let us know what your highlights were in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter (@MagicalDLP)!


And just on a final little note I’d like to give a massive thank-you to Andrew for running this awesome endeavour and giving me a voice for all my Disneyland Paris related opinions; it’s one hell of a lot of fun! I’d also like to say a huge thank you to the rest of the Disneyland Paris fan community for being so supporting in our first full year here: reading our articles, listening and contributing to our podcast and discussing with us on Twitter and Facebook – it’s so appreciated and so much fun. I can’t wait for another great year in 2015, see you then!


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