Updates, ‘Frozen Summer’ and recapitalisation confirmed at shareholder meeting

Updates to Space Mountain and Nautilus have been confirmed at the Euro Disney Annual General Meeting for shareholders, along with a season of Frozen this summer, including a Frozen show arriving at the Chapperal theatre. Furthermore the proposed recapitalisation plan was overwhelmingly approved, facilitating the resort with a net ~€250million to spend on reinvestments in the resort.

As reported, Space Mountain and Les Mystères du Nautilus closed on 12/01/15 (along with the Videopolis Stage and Café Hyperion) for rumoured refurbishment – though Disneyland Paris had not officially confirmed why. It has been confirmed that Space Mountain will receive a general refurbishment (thus, not a totally new Mission 3 or equivalent) which will refurbish the existing features and add some new effects too. Fine details such as whether new trains or music will be featured in the refurbishment were not disclosed. Nautilus will also receive a general refurbishment, as well as, perhaps surprisingly, the area around it.

As rumoured, the Chapperal Theatre in Frontierland will host a Frozen sing-a-long show beginning this summer. What wasn’t rumoured is that Disneyland Paris will be hosting a full Frozen Season beginning in May/June – that’s right Frozen in summer!! It has been unofficially reported that this ‘season of Frozen’ will see the Cottonwood Creek Ranch area next to the Chapperal Theatre hosting many Frozen festivities.

Also passed by an overwhelming majority was the much discussed recapitalisation plan, proposed last year by the Walt Disney Company. In short: Disneyland Paris is heavily in debt to the Walt Disney Company (who are not total owners, they only own about 40% of Euro Disney, the company who operates Disneyland Paris) and this gave the opportunity for said debt to be reduced in return for the Walt Disney Company gaining a greater share in the company. The announcements often proclaim this as a €1bn recapitalisation, but it must be remembered that once obligated debt payments are met the actual sum available for Disneyland Paris to freely spend is actually more like €250 million. Less, but nonetheless an impressive amount of money to be freed-up for spending on the resort – spending on guest experience! This plan is widely regarded as fantastic news for, us, the fans and guests of Disneyland Paris.


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