Magical DLP started in November 2013. Created to be a place for Disneyland Paris fans to find the latest news, opinions, videos, reviews and more.

My interest in all things Disney started from a young age. I always used to watch the Disney animated films with my favourite at the time being Robin Hood. It was always my dream to visit Disneyland and when at Sixth Form the chance to do so came up. I had never liked theme parks or roller coasters but that trip in 2003 changed everything! Fast forward a few years and I qualified as a teacher. The school I was teaching at ran an annual trip to DLP and I was invited along. I now run the trips and get to go to DLP at least once every year.

Our website is in its infancy and will grow year by year, visit by visit.

If you have anything Disneyland Paris related you think we could use or want to join our team use our contact us form.

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