Captain EO closes at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris officially announced on April 9, 2015, via the displayed poster, that Captain EO would give its final showing on April 12, 2015. The attraction formally closed at the earlier time of 4:40pm instead of usual park closing time.

Captain EO closure

By 2015, Captain EO was not one of Disneyland Park’s more popular attractions and had often been placed on limited opening times for the few years in the run up to its closure. An identical attraction at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT also closed on April 9 to make way for premieres of the film “Tomorrowland”.

Captain EO was a 3D musical, sci-fi film starring Michael Jackson as a space captain, in charge of a gang of robots and alien creatures. It was originally launched in 1986, but made a fan-requested return in 2010, as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, one year after his death.

Disney relaunched Captain EO stating that its return would only be temporary. It was also said by Walt Disney Imagineering that they would not be creating any more 3D films for Disneyland parks because 3D film technology was so readily available at regular cinemas, and attractions at Disneyland were supposed to provide unique experiences.

Disneyland Paris had, in the most recent park guide before the closure of Captain EO, given the theatre which Captain EO played in the new name: Discoveryland Theatre. Previously the building was simply considered part of the Captain EO attraction, and not a venue in itself. This may suggest that rumours of the venue being used in the future as a showcase of upcoming Disney films may be correct.

As of writing, Disneyland Paris has yet to confirm any future plans for the newly named Discoveryland Theatre.


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